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Savory, Spicy, Vegan Jerky!

Pleather is made of dried, marinated seitan - tough enough to gnaw on and made of wheat - not meat. Our jerky is handmade in Cleveland, OH.

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So so good. It's the second best jerky (vegan or not) I've ever had. So tough and chewy and the perfect amount of peppery goodness.

I've tried just about every vegan jerky on the market and this is the best I've found. It's very flavorful with a good spicy kick.

This jerky is spicy, salty, and exactly what I was looking for in a vegan jerky. It shipped very quickly....and is enough for a kayaking trip, or any other social distanced activity.

This is exactly what I have been looking for in a vegan jerky for years. The texture is super tough (which I like) and the peppery, salty flavor is explosive. Love it.

This stuff is FANTASTIC! It is far superior than anything I have ever had. They know something others don't and this could attract the Beyond crowd.

....tried a lot of different brands and flavors. This is easily the best I've had. It's got a nice tough texture, closer to real jerky than anything I've had, and a superb spicy peppery flavor!

I am at a loss for words... how can I get sponsored by Pleather?! I need to eat the black pepper flavored jerky every day for eternity. If I was on death row, I'd take 17 bags of this jerky!

This jerky is awesome! The best! Trust me since I tried many other vegan jerky brands only to be disappointed. The texture is tough like real jerky with a nice peppery edge. I absolutely love this!!!!!!

This was the best vegan jerky I've ever had...I am pretty much constantly on the hunt for any vegan jerky. This one takes the cake, not only for flavor, but for texture.

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